Culture, sport and leisure

Diverse cultural and leisure activities are an important foundation for the development of the municipality. Åmli is proud to have a rich cultural life and a variety of recreational opportunities.

Culture school

The culture school offers activities in music, visual art, dance and drama for children between 5 and 18 years. You can apply here: (lenke til påmeldingsskjema på norsk)


The Norwegian rural cinema shows films once a month at the mirror hall in Åmli (Åmli college). You can find upcoming films here

Books and local history

Åmli har published seven geneology and local history books for different parts of the township.

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You can contact the municipality if you want to buy our books.

Cultural events

Åmli arranges several cultural events each year. Voulenteers and organisations also arrange festivals and other events.

Community houses

Åmli has several community houses in different pars of the township.

Free leisure activity for children

Åmli offers one free leisure activity each year for children, in order to stimulate social and cultural activity for all children, regardless of family economy.

Elvarheim museum

Elvarheim museum is a local museum situated in Åmli. The museums shows exhibitions of hunting and gathering, wild animals, export of beavers, local hand craft and folk costumes. The museum is part of Aust-Agder museum and archive

Elvarheim museum - webpage

Elvarheim museum on facebook

Elvarheim museum on instagram

Cultural heritage

Åmli has severan cultural memorials, old buildings and remnisences. We are working on a culture heritage plan which deals with some of these memorials, such as physical traces of forestry, agriculture, railroads, iron extraction and war memorials.

Culture funds

Åmli municipality supports several clubs and organisations and cultural events. Clubs and organisations can apply for funding April 1st each year.

Åmli voulenteer centre

Åmli volunteer center arranges several activities in the local community

Åmli Frivilligsentral

Swimming pool

The swimming pool at Åmli central school is open to the public Mondays, Fridays and some Sundays from early in October (after the autumt holiday) to April 1st. 

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Escort sertificate

People who need escort to cultural activities or public transport for medical reasons can apply for escort sertificate here

Sport and outdoor life

Åmli has several sports arenas in different parts of the township. You can contact the municipality for an overview of the arenas and activities.

Åmli tourist forume has Top 20 mountain tracks in different parts of the township.

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Clubs and organisations

Åmli has a wide range of clubs and organisations.

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