Child care

Child care centres in Norway are for children aged 0 – 5 years. Children start compulsory school the year they turn six. Child care centres are pedagogical institutions that provide care and upbringing, play and learning. According to the needs of the families, the child care centres offer full-time or part-time places.


The municipality has a co-ordinated admission process and will secure that children are treated equally. To apply for a child care centre place you must fill in the application form (the application form is the same for all the child care centres).

It is necessary to fill in one application form for each child. You may apply for a place in both a municipal and a private child care centre, in the order you prefer. The applicant may list two alternatives. If you turn down both the first and the second offer you have, you will no longer be considered an applicant.

Closing date

For those who wish to apply for a child-care centre place from August 1st., closing date is March 1st.

Admission process

The admission process is likely to be finished by mid-June. 
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